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SpreadTrum SPD upgrade tool will let you flash, repair and update your SPD devices. For this, we have this SPD flash tool, here on this web page to discuss all bout with free download links. The latest version v23 is now on the market and you can grab that right from here.

The main thing is to flash your SPD phone, to update its software and handle the technical aspects. Resolve such fundamentals and make your device ready to reuse.

What is SPD Upgrade Tool?

SPD upgrade tool is recently designed for Android devices using the SPD chipset. This will let you do perform the flashing for.PAC and .P5C firmware. The CPU based on the MTK devices can easily be done with this tool. Moreover, you can do repair, software updates and have some issues to fix.

Easily flash the stock ROM firmware on any Spreadtrum phone that you have. Not only flashing for you can proceed to other tasks and activities according to the phone. bringing repair, flashing, and Unlocking is also for you. Resolving problems and knowing/getting the information about any particular phone.

Key Features:

There are more than single features for the SPD upgrade tool. So we are evaluating them into further subcategories and will explain in the down section.

Flash Firmwares:

Flashing of the firmware for so many smartphones. If we talk about the flash. It is the main source to have reinstated your devices with a working solution.

PAC Files:

There is an option to chose and start PAC firmware to flash within the too. Just have to click on the download button. This will begin the flash for the PAC firmware.

P5C Files:

Similarly, you will move on with the P5C file of firmware ROMs as well. Moreover, this will help you out in the sense of flashing P5C ROM instantly.


The SPD upgrade tool is very easy and simple to use. However to download get easy access from the page on our website. The clean and initiative interface is user-friendly and more handy for newbies as well.

Additional Features:

Some of the bonus features are as below. From the resetting to deletion of the data. From the recovery to having to install the tool in different languages. Fix and configure the LCD for the device in any favorable or special conditions. These all we added and some more functions and awaiting.

Hard Reset:

You can do a hard reset of any smartphone with this SPD upgrade tool.


Can able to format the entire device data easily. If you want to remove the data stored in the internal or the external memory of any phone.

Flash Recovery:

It can flash the Stock recovery or the stock recovery within any device. Use the IMG file to enter into the recovery mode anyways.

Support Multi-Languages:

The SPD upgrade tool comes within various languages. So you can do the installation within your own country or select your choice of language.

Download Links:

SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R23.0.0001 >> Download Latest version Till now.

SPD Upgrade Tool r4.0.0001 >> Another version Download

A previous version of the SPD flashing tool, go to read.