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Tiny ADB and Fastboot Tool is an application for Windows Computers and laptops that allows the users to install the latest versions of ADB and FastBoot files on the system without going for the large and complicated packages for running the drivers.

The application allows the user to access the same things as the android system works, which is connected via a USB dongle with the computer system. The application works smoothly with all the operating systems OS and user interfaces UI either Android, IOS, MAC OS, or LUNIX.

Here on this page, we will be discussing the features, pros, and cons of the application compared to other large and Complicated packages.

Features of Tiny ADB And FastBoot Tool

It shares most of its key features with Minimal ADB And FastBoot. You can check further features of Tiny ADB and Fastboot tool are as under:


The application Tiny ADB and FastBoot Tool is a portable application that can work anywhere, simply the user is not required to download bunches of different applications.

Specifically for each task to keep it running and working. With this application just download the .exe package and place it anywhere in the computer system and Just go with the flow.

Application Size

The Tiny ADB and Fastboot tool application’s overall size is around 3.7 MB and is an easy-to-use application without any complications with the installation and running. While comparing with other applications in the market they weigh in hundreds of MBs and are very much complicated to run.

Because of the small size of the application, it is seen working very smoothly in all the computer systems of their own specifications. The application does not require any heavy setup of huge RAMs or memory spaces to download and run the Tiny ADB and Fastboot tool.

Easy & Fast Install

The application Tiny ADB and Fastboot Tool are very easy to use applications coming in the form of an easy installation package. It is seen to be easily understandable by all users of any age group.

Tiny ADB And Fastboot
Tiny ADB And Fastboot
  • The Step by step ways to download the application is as under;
  • Download the Windows zip from Google.
  • Extract it somewhere – for example, %USERPROFILE%\adb-fastboot.
  • On Windows 7/8: From the desktop, right-click My Computer and select Properties.
  • On Windows 10: Open the Start Menu, and type “advanced system settings”
  • Install the universal ADB driver, and reboot

Installation Steps for Mac OS

The installation steps for MAC OS are as under:

  • Download the ADB ZIP file for macOS.
  • Extract the ZIP and open the Terminal.
  • Browse to the extracted folder by the command: cd / path_to_folder /
  • Run the following command: ADB devices.
  • On your Android smartphone device, you’ll see an “Allow USB debugging” prompt.


The application Tiny ADB and Fastboot tool are capable of running smoothly on both 32 bit and 64 bit OS. They are to be used as portable ADBs and Fastboot tools.


The application Tinyl ADB and Fastboot tool work very smoothly on all of the devices of any operating systems and User interfaces. It does not lag or make the computer system heat up. Without any problem, the application performs the task.

Installation Time

The Tiny ADB and Fastboot tool is of size 2 MB only so it is seen to be downloaded within the seconds because of a file of small size. All we have to do is to follow up with all the instructions provided on the screen by the installation package to complete the installation.

How To Use Tiny ADB and Fastboot Tool


  • Turn off the computer system.


  • Connect your device to the computer system using a USB cable.


  • Now from the extracted FastBoot folder, look up for Run me.bat file and run it.


  • Now type the command ADB reboot bootloader, this will help the device to be booted into fast boot mode. Required to flash recovery file to the device.


  • Now type the command Fastboot flash recovery custom-recovery-file-name. Image and then replace it with your recovery file name.


  • After all the above-mentioned steps at the end type the command Fastboot reboot. It will reboot your device and it will start the system normally.

Navigate Through Folders On the Android Device

There is a set of codes and commands to help you if you are unable to find the path of the files on an android device. These commands are called ADB shell commands. A few ADB commands are mentioned as under:

ls: Lists the contents of a directory.
cd: Changes the directory.
rm: Remove files or directories.
mkdir: Create a new directory.
cp: Copy files or directories.
mv: Move or rename files.

With the help of these ADB shell commands, you can combine these commands with the help of a Semicolon.