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Detail of Tobii Experience Driver

Tobii Experience Driver is a piece of software designed to enable eye-tracking devices from Tobii Technologies to interact with Windows computers, so your Tobii device will function normally and can operate effectively without it. Without it, your Tobii device would not work effectively and would likely become inoperable. Eye tracking technology was tested out on Tomb Raider, Project Cars 2, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey among other games – it truly makes the screen appear three-dimensional and lifelike! It was truly mind-blowing!

If you own a Tobii eye-tracking device, you can use its software to effectively navigate your PC in various ways. Eye control programs allow for primary input methods for programs and applications while taking battery life into consideration with its “Last Brake” feature which prevents screens from switching off after certain periods of time. Distance to Screen,” another great feature, automatically lowers the brightness of your display when you are not directly in front of it, saving energy while providing optimal reading and writing experiences. This feature can especially come in handy when reading documents or emails!

Tobii Experience Driver has also integrated its sensors into computer screens of athletes competing in esports events, enabling viewers to observe exactly where players are looking during games. Tobii works closely with Tier-1 suppliers and OEM customers to incorporate attention computing technology into mass-market automotive integrations; its recent initiatives include the acquisition of eye-tracking startup Phasya as well as partnerships with Sunny SmartLead and Nviso to realize Tobii’s vision of providing in-vehicle eye tracking solutions for drivers.

What is Tobii Experience Driver?

Tobii Experience Driver is software designed to allow eye tracker users to utilize Microsoft Windows eye trackers. It includes several functions to enhance productivity and monitor your habits – the “Last Brake” reminds users to take breaks away from their screens, while “Distance To Screen” adjusts the distance between you and your laptop to avoid neck strain issues.

Another great feature is the ability to dim your screen when you are not directly in front of it, saving energy while protecting privacy. Furthermore, there are features designed to extend laptop battery life such as Stay Awake and Privacy Screen that are great features to use with this product.

The Tobii Experience Driver is an amazing piece of technology but can be tricky to set up properly. You will require a PC with good internet access in order to download configuration software and start up the device properly. Once it works though, its effects are simply amazing, adding another dimension to gaming. I tried it with Shadow of the Tomb Raider and found it truly mesmerizing; making the experience both real and breathtakingly realistic!

How to use Tobii Experience Driver?

Tobii Experience Driver makes computer interaction more humane by using eye-tracking technology to humanize it. The point, select, zoom, and more can all be performed quickly, easily, and naturally using this gaze-tracking method; additionally, games/apps/Windows 10 communication can all be controlled with this gaze technology as well.

If your Alienware 17 R5 includes an eye tracker, the Tobii Experience app will automatically install from the Microsoft Store and can be found in your Start menu. It allows for the setup, calibration, and management of profiles and eye-tracking settings. Driver Talent, a professional driver update and download utility can help you install the latest Tobii driver on a non-Alienware computer quickly and safely. Simply launch this program and click Scan for the best results!

Features of Tobii Experience Driver:

  • Tobii Eye Tracking technology has been applied to enhance driver safety systems on board vehicles.
  • Tobii has created a new platform that detects signs of fatigue or distraction that are common causes of automobile accidents.
  • The system employs two cameras to track eye movement regardless of head tilting or other facial expressions, as well as detect the color and pupil characteristics of wearers’ pupils.
  • Furthermore, this solution works even in dim lighting environments or with head caps in place.
  • Windows Hello allows the user to log on using their face-incompatible hardware – an invaluable feature that could prove useful both at work and at home.
  • Tobii has made rapid strides in the gaming industry with many popular titles incorporating it, including Rise of the Tomb Raider, Project Cars 2, and Assassin’s Creed Origins as examples of recent titles supporting it.
  • Other simulators including Farming Simulator Euro Truck Simulator Bus Simulator as well and Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition also make use of Tobii technology – its Clean UI allows the player to control HUD elements simply by looking at them!


Tobii Experience Driver has expanded its attention to computing technology into automotive. They’re creating a Driver Monitoring System (DMS) for cars to keep drivers alert and safe on the road, using eye-tracking technology to detect driver distraction, drowsiness, and fatigue as well as improve the intuitiveness of in-car interfaces.