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YouTube is one of the most-watched video streaming portals. This portal gets billions of hits every month and the numbers are sky-rocketing. This is the place where we get ourselves entertained, educated and watch live soccer matches and news. So, here we are with some top YouTube video downloader application for Android phone. Have a short glance at the features and decide which suits you the best.

Best YouTube Video downloader Applications

You are watching a hell funny video and want to show it to your friend. You do not have a data plan or you frightened that the link will disappear. The simplest way is to download that video and show that to your friend later. The downloading can be done using some very useful applications. There are dozens of apps there and you can pick one to get the job done.

Top YouTube Video downloader apps for Android

1) All Video Downloader:

This is simple to operate and handle an application to download YouTube videos. You cannot get the application icon at YouTube’s official application or videos.

Download all videos from the Internet to your Device

You can search for any desired video direct from the application.


  • Play video direct from the application
  • Automatically generate download link after streaming video
  • Preview video before downloading it
  • Single tap downloading option

Download videos in the background, and do other important work. Start getting dozens of videos down in one time, resume any of them anytime.

AVD – A YouTube Video Downloader

This application display notification of video downloading completion

View the video in landscape and portrait mode.

We have also a direct link for Android users to get the latest version from the below download link.

Change the download destination, and save videos to your desired location and folder. Read more about the all video downloader at play store.

This application has something very unique and out of the box to offer its users, undeniably one of the best YouTube video downloaders on the list.

2) YouTube Downloader

YouTube downloader is considered one of the complete apps to download YouTube videos on a go.

YouTube Downloader for Android

You know why is this called a complete application- you can use your default YouTube application in it. From the application’s search bar you can search for any video, share the link of the videos and store videos at your desired format.

This application as well as the ability to detect YouTube streaming and automatically generate the download link

The YouTube Downloader

Key Pros

  • Download your favorite format of the video
  • Download a video in MP3 FILE
  • This allows official YouTube application streaming in it
  • All download files can be accessed from the dashboard
  • Allows more than one videos in one time
  • Send notification of download complete videos
  • Change the location of storing videos

Share the video to any of the social networking website, messenger or Whatsapp directly.

3) Videoder

This application has some fascinating features. This app houses a superb interface and faster downloading videos option. The converter built-in the application does the wonders. You can choose any format to download and store at your desired location.



  • Automatically detect download links and generate links
  • Built-in MP3 converter
  • Staggering Interface excels in downloading videos
  • Search for any video and paste the video link direct
  • Built-in browser
  • This has a built-in ad blocker
  • One-click Download options for instant work

This allows more than one videos downloading and resuming.
Supports more than 50 video streaming websites, So such an application can feel you smart.


So, these were some mind-blowing YouTube Video downloader app for an Android phone. Chose any of them, and store your favorite videos at your phone, and play them while you are offline. Also, if you are looking for a video downloader for PC. Look out at this article.