Universal Hard Reset Tool

Universal Hard Reset Tool

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Detail of Universal Hard Reset Tool

If you are searching for a universal hard reset tool to download on your computer, install it, and fix your problem, then you have landed on the right spot. From this landed page, you can download the universal hard reset tool’s latest version, we have made it possible to give you the direct download link, have the download option, and get the file on your computer. We do provide you with a very useful, helpful tool, which adds value to your lives, you also can provide us with feedback, if you want some software or application.

This tool has great value, especially for those who have suffered the pattern lock forgotten issue. When you provide a wrong pattern three times, the Android phone takes you to the Google account, to unlock the phone. And suppose, you have forgotten the last login account details, you cannot access the phone. How pathetic you look when you have such circumstances. But, the situation will no longer harm you, we have something for you, have the file downloaded to your computer, install it, and get your phone back.

How to use a Universal Hard Reset Tool?

Universal Hard Reset tool, as the name of the tool, resembles the job it does. It easily can remove the lock on the phone; you have no need to worry if you are stuck in such circumstances.

  • Download the universal hard reset tool on your computer, remember one only can have this on Windows to get the real use of it.
  • Install it on the computer.
  • Check the concerned USB drivers, if all seems alright, launch it on your computer.
  • And connect your phone which is stuck on your Google account, you are not required to provide the Google login details.
  • Just tap on the remove button and one will get the phone back.
  • Remember, the universal hard reset tool will not remove the data that you have on your phone.
  • The data will be retained on the phone, as it was before.

Points to remember:

Before going to install it on your computer, you need to have installed.net Framework on your PC.

  1. If you do not know what is that? Just Google it and install it.
  2. Or one can install this through the Windows update option.
  3. Your mobile should be in the Fastboot mode before getting it to reset.
  4. If you do not know about Fastboot mode, turn off your phone, again turn it on, and press the volume down and power button.
  5. After that connect the phone to the universal hard reset tool.

Final Words:

One can get to know the basic information of the phone, hardware, software version, RAM, Kernel Info, ROM info, and much more. One should click the unlock button to remove in hardware and reset the phone. You have no need to install new software, or OS in order to handle this situation. Download the universal hard reset tool from the given download link, install it on your phone, and remove the lock on your phone.