How to Unlock A Network Locked Phone

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How many of you had been facing a network locked phone issue? I think many of us have gone through the problem and some are still stuck to the old network. When you purchase a new phone and try to use your favorite network, the problem popped up. The reason is the phone brand is cooperated with the network and does not want you to change it. So, they put the restriction which states you are locked not to use any other courier. Do you want to unlock a network locked phone?

And, finding it hard to nail the issue, as many guides are just bushing around without providing a concise solution, you are at the right place.

Let’s take the issue further, and reveal the best procedure to unlock a network locked Phone. Any Android smartphone or tablet.

How to unlock a network lock phone?

Once you follow and unlock your phone by following one of the provided guides. You will be free to use any courier and enjoy the freedom of having any network onboard.

Unlocking phone’s network locks through the network method:

The network method is a simplified method to unlock any phone’s network lock. I have been benefitted the method more than once, and it is really a breeze to follow this.

Step 1:

Find your phone’s IMEI number.

The IMEI number is a unique 15 digit number which is found on the label under the phone’s battery. Getting your phone’s IMEI Number is now very easy.

Find your phone's IMEI Number Dial #06#
Dial *#06# and get your Device IMEI

If your phone’s battery is fixed just dial *#06# into your handset and get IMEI number on the screen. Just dial the number, and the phone’s screen will pop-up with the IMEI number. Note down the IMEI number and come to the next step.

Step 2:

Contact your network.

I have seen networks charging a hefty amount for unlocking the phone’s network lock. So, if you can bear this burden or have some special connection with them, have been using their services for a while, get it reaped. But, in most of the cases, they charge and provide you with the code to unlock the device’s network lock.


Ask Them for your SIM Network Code:

Once you are settled with them. I am not interested in listening to how you lured them to provide unlock code. They will ask you to provide an IMEI number. As they will generate a unique Unlocking code and provide it to you. You have this code to unlock the phone’s network lock. Sometimes, the process extended and you get them around within a week or so. Do not freak out, show some patience.

Step: 4:

Get the Code, Just Dial it:

Once you get the code, it would not be carried out with some special preparations. Just dialing the code using the dial pad and switch to the network with which you want to switch.

You will receive a simple message that the device has been lifted out with the network blocking restrictions.

Independent companies:

I find this process simple, effective and time efficient. You would not be waiting in queues or on the live calls for hours, listening to ads for speaking with the customer care’s guy.

Get your phone’s IMEI number in the way mentioned above. Just type *#06# on your handset and the IMEI numbers will appear. Here while using independent companies or websites, you will also be required with the phone’s mode. So, be sure before getting them onboard.

Enter your IMEI number, phone’s model and some other necessary details. Fill out their form and pay a little chunk, this use to be a tiny amount in comparison to the network themselves.

You get your codes within hours sometimes. Or if something bad has happened to the company’s servers or services, they will come to you within some days.

Input the code and get your phone unlocked.

So, I think you need to follow the legal method to get rid of the issue. If you fall into some free and cheap methods, you would get your phone malfunctioned, like the way I did. That’s all we know about how to Unlock a network locked Phone for Free of cost.

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