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Do you possess an iPhone device but unfortunately not having a password? Not having a password to access your iCloud account. It’s common for Android users but can be proved hazardous for Apple utilizers. So objected that the frequency of iCloud Activators is being accumulated day by day.

The Activators that work decently are few while others are a scam, to tell the truth, these scams don’t perform a single task.

So object that we are going to make you aware of How to Unlock iPhone Using IMEI. But before that let’s know about IMEI because the whole process depends upon it.

What’s IMEI?

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is simply a unique number that’s differentially permitted to mobile phones respectively.

This number is based on 15 digits which gives your device a unique identification. It simplifies the tracking of your lost phone, even if it’s iPhone or Android.

How to Find IMEI Number?

There are several ways to Find the International Mobile Equipment Identity number but one of the quick ways is given below.

Dial *#06#

It’s a standard way to know the IMEI number. As you’ll dial the above code (*#06#) you’ll surely get the IMEI number.

Treasure of services offers you to unlock the iCloud account and few of them work. You might be thinking that which service would be best. To utilize the “iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service ” by keeping your eyes closed.

Review Of iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service:

iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service is an official functional platform that’s merely utilized to unlock iPhone devices easily. It helps users via IMEI number and permanently delete the previous account.

Most iPhone users need this type of platform because they purchase 2nd handphones and their previous owner forgets to remove their iCloud ID. This process just charges 18.95$ and do your work within 5 to 10 Working days. This will give you proper info and give you a full discount.

Steps – How To Unlock iPhone Using IMEI:

To Activate a Locked iCloud account by using iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service. Go though these below lines one by one.

Before processing the below steps, if your data is important, back up it.

  • Step No.2: Select the model of your iPhone device that you want to unlock.
  • Step No.3: Find IMEI Number, the process is given above.
  • Step No.4: Insert the 15 digits based IMEI number.
  • Step No.5: Click on the button Unlock Now.
  • Step No.6: Now you’ll be moved to the Check Out Page. Provide your Basic Information including; Email Address, Name with surname, Current Address, and Phone number.
  • Step No.7: Done the Payment.
  • Step No.8: After the finalization of payment, wait for the confirmation SMS. A confirmation message will show you that the application/work is in process and require 5-10 working days. As the process will be done, they will let you know.

This reclaimable service is 100% secure and that surely activates your iCloud account. It lets you claim your payment if your work is not properly completed. That’s all you can do and save your effort for paying very little and get your phone unlocked.