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Vivo is the new king of the mid-range smartphone world lagging behind Samsung specifically in the Indo-Pak region. We have seen the rapid growth of this brand, as they are targeting this region in the first place.

But, we have seen an official version of the Vivo PC Suite designed by Vivo. This can be your mobile assistant. The company has taken a new leap by designing a new PC suite.

Alternatively, you can have the latest version of the Vivo Pc suite that you can use on a computer to communicate with your phone for better results.

What is a PC Suite?

If you have just commenced using a smartphone and took the start from Vivo. You might not know the actual meaning and use of a PC suite.

A PC Suite is a simple software that makes a smartphone user connect the phone to the computer. It is more like a bridge between computers and smartphones.

We take lots of benefits from this communication. Like, you can install the application on your smartphone. Install the latest software version or copy files and folders. Let’s take it toward Vivo’s developed Suite.

How to Use Vivo PC Suite?

The PC Suite use is very simple. Even a novice would get all benefits of using this application.

A PC Suite as the name suggests only installs on a Windows computer. You cannot have it on a Mac or Linux.

Recommended Steps for Installation:

Let’s walk through using this application or software what you call it. Download this from the given download link and store it on your Windows computer.

  • Install it by following the screen commands
  • Restart the computer
  • Launch the Suite on your computer
  • Connect your Vivo mobile phone using a data cable

And you see a prompt on your suite, which notifies a new phone has been connected. You see a beautiful interface of the Vivo PC Suite.

Navigate every inch of the PC Suite and see what have they offered with this immensely beautifully designed software. Back up your mobile phone data, contacts, music, photos, SMS, or any other application’s data using this application.

If you are a novice and never used Vivo or any other PC Suite before, it would be a mesmerizing experience for you to use it.

Connect Your Phone – Root The Device:

Install the latest version of the software, check for updates, and install the latest available updates using a computer.

Use your mobile phone using a computer such as typing messages, sending emails, making calls, and other.

Arrange your files/folder data and copy them to and from the computer and place them in or out of the computer.

Back up your file and save them on your computer’s disk. Or restore the data by taking the files from the cloud or computer.

Install Custom on your Vivo Smartphone and see what new changes have been made to it.


  • Connect your mobile’s data with the computer
  • Edict calendars or notes
  • Compatible with All Vivo smartphones including the latest and old ones
  • Free of cost
  • Clean and simple navigation

Download this simple and effective software or application from the landed page. Install this software on a Windows computer and connect using an OTG.

Vivo Mobile Assistant:

To download the latest version of Vivo Smart assistant or a file manager for Vivo. You can also call it the PC suite software. This suite comes with a lot of key features and compatibilities. However, the file manager will help you to manage and everything accordingly.

Vivo PC Suite
Vivo PC Suite

Here we provide the inbuilt Vivo PC suite for all Vivo mobile phones. On the other hand, the PC Suite software is well known Mobile Assistant.

Vivo global offers all the beneficial tools for PC to perform several tasks as a result. So you can easily make the connection and shuffle data between several connected devices.

Once you have a Vivo PC suite set up on your Windows machine then you can easily run the installation wizard. Now let it be installed completely on your PC.

No matter whether you are using a desktop computer or a laptop device. However, it is supportable for different Windows OS like Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and even more, you have.

If you really want to know which this PC suite program will support which devices.

I would like to narrate the powerful functions of Vivo PC Suite down-coming lines.

Contact Manager:

Manage all of your contacts on your demand. To export and import, delete, or allows to add a new one.

Calendar Manager:

Make it easy to customize your calendar according to your work schedule. instant view the real-time synchronization in your cell phone.

Message Manager:

You can read messages in your inbox, and send or receive new messages as well.

  • My Vivo will display snapshots from your phone.
  • It will show the total internal and external memory.

Download Vivo PC Suite:

Your download is ready just right below. Download it right now from here on. Finally, enjoy enhancing the mobile experience on a large screen.

Download Vivo mobile assistant (Vivo PC Suite)