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If you are a music lover and want to even play high-quality videos on your Windows 7 8 and 10. Then we are here to provide VLC media player download 32-bit and 64 bit on all windows. This would be working perfectly on your desktop windows 7 with 32 bit of your operating system.

Solve your music player issue and also play all the kind of videos in different formats. This media player comes with a lot of features. This is the most papular and powerful media player for Windows users. So to enjoy every feature of the VLC media player on your Windows 7 just get it from our website.

With a lot of features:

The VLC media player is full of unique and interesting featured programs in the entertainment category. Plays the varieties of files in the form of DVDs, CDs, VCDs and stream different protocols for you.

Simple to use:

Besides all of the very interesting features, this play has a very simple and user-friendly interface. So everyone can download it from this landing page do the installation on their windows. To play any of the files you want to have in MP3, MP4, HD or you ave only a music file.

No matters you want to adjust your audio from the settings. Or you may want to improve the video quality from those settings too. You will find each and every single task very simple and easy.

Advanced options:

There were so many advanced features and functionalities inside of that simple interface. You can find tons of tools and their working strategies that will make VLC media player to the first position.

There were tools to manage your contacts across your PC or over to other operating systems. Unbeatable accessing power and safe with secure surfing on Computers with much compatibility.

Top Bar Labels:


The media has all the collection of files. You can open files, desc, and folders. And go to open and capture a device.


Control the playback to back play, after and before play. Here you can also set the playing speed to faster, faster and slower. You can do stop a song, proceed to the next or go back to the previous one.


Manage audio tracks, stereo mode and control the volume with the help of volume up and volume down features.


Find video tracks and subtitle tracks easy to adjust from just clicking on them. Full-screen mode select always on the top, Zoom chose a video size in scale and aspect the ratio which you want to.

Manage your video quality, screen size and play stream video content


Here you can add or install or select the already having subtitles in any language from the video you play.

So you can enjoy the written subtitles on your video while watching it at the same time.


Get help from the official support center and also some of the helping material is present there to fulfill user basic requirements.


In the tools section, you will find effects and filters. The synchronization for the current previous and upcoming tracks.

Have codec information and media information. bookmarks and install/uninstall extensions plugins easily.


Chose whatever you want to show on your menu bar and around on the main screen. You can hide and show different aspects by simply mark and tick and remove with unchecking the same box.

Additional information:

Software name: VLC media player Developers: VideoLAN File size: 40.4 MB
Version 2.2.8 Support on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Windows 10 with and works on all platforms. Now download the VLC media player.

Download VLC Media player for Windows 32 bit. VLC-2.2.8-32bit.exe (29.4 MB)