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Detail of WBFS Manager

Put to gather all of your favorite Windows games on a USB or a hard disk. WBFS manager provides the utility tools to work with WBFS format file systems. This application features many handy options to conveniently store and back up the data in the formats supported by the Wii. The application offers a graphical user interface and one can easily back up any Wii game and can create a removable partition or fix a hard disk drive to store the games.

Are you the one who is concerned about backing up the Wii games? There are dozens of options that offer you to store and back up the Wii games, but WBFS Manager stands out.

The application is very helpful in organizing a USB hard drive or storage formatted in a way supported by the WII games, in WBFS formats. You can use the external hard drives as well; the external hard drives will be able to plug into the Nintendo console to run the game without any change.

So, let’s dive into this and learn how this works and we could get the job done to store our favorite Wii game onto our hard disk drive or a USB drive.

What is a WBFS Manager?

Do you want to save your Wii games as you are worried about the crashing of the hard drive or the file stored? Application such as Wii Backup Manager and Wiithon has done a fantastic job in this regard.

But, the WBFS leaps one step ahead and bundles with dozens of handy features that all other applications lack.

This is a simple application to create backup copies for the games that you want to play on a Nintendo platform. This allows you to transfer the files from your disk to USB storage or USB storage to your hard disk storage.

The application will format the entire disk, you need to be aware of this feature. Whether you want to store the Wii games on a USB storage or hard disk, the WBFS manager will remove all data from the storage and fix that for backing up Wii games only.

How to use WBFS Manager?

The application has been designed fantastically. The graphical user interface strives for better features and functionality. By just reading the tabs and guidelines, a novice would get the job done.

  • Just insert the device into your computer, obviously after downloading the application from the given download link.
  • You need to add the Wii games in the format available on your computer; this ought to be done from the WBFS Manager application.
  • If you are loading this very first time, it will take some time to do as formatting of the discs consumes plenty amount of time.
  • Now, it will give you the option to select the drive where you desire to back up the Wii games or files.
  • From now on, the drive will be treated as Wii compatible and it will not be compatible with Windows.
  • You can add more new games in .iso format, rename the games, and clone the games stored on your computer.
  • If you are doing this on a USB drive, you can use the same drive to inject into your Nintendo consoles to play the chosen games.
  • The application is a direct way to store the Wii games into Wbfs formats which are not recognized by the Windows, but Nintendo.

WBFS Manager Download

Software NameWBFS Manager
Works OnWindows 7/8/10
File Size7.6 MBs
Format typeZip

If you really want to secure the important Wii games, the application is highly recommended. Tap on the download button and have it installed on a Windows computer.