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What is Xender File Transfer?:

Are you seriously searching for an application to share your files, data from computer to computer, or computer to mobile? Yes, I have been searching for, and I could not find an application that could deliver satisfactory results until I come to Xender for PC.

Data sharing applications are dime a dozen, and you can find many on the niche. But, it is really very hard to find an application on another level.

The interface this application provides, the smoothness of what you can have here, and above all the speed of sharing files what you can get, is up to the mark. So, if you really want to get an application to share your data with smartphones and PC, I would highly recommend Xender.

Install Xender on PC:

We have provided you with the software, and this can be used on any Windows versions. So, it would not create any compatibility issue with your computer, and nor on mobile phones.

Though the software in the form of APK file can be installed on an Android phone, from here you can only get in.EXE format.

Which can only be installed on the Windows operating system? Installation of the software may not create any difficulty for you.

Just follow the screen written commands, and get the software installed within a few moments.

An icon will be generated on your computer, and you need to go through the inch and squares of this application.

To get to know how things work. Like, if you will be sharing a file with another computer. Where you would be dropping, or in which section, you need to drop the file.

So, it is ideal to get your homework done, before you actually share any file using Xender.

How to use Xender for PC:

The installation of this software needs an internet connection, if you do not have a steady network, the software will not be installed on your computer. So, it is really hard to digest, but true.

Luckily, there is an offline version of Xender, what we have brought up to you, what you can get and install on your computer.

With having Xender for PC software, you will no longer be needed to have an internet connection to install the best data sharing application.

So, now the step comes which leads to sharing any file, any data or any media stuff within speed doubles with the other applications on the niche.

The other person who wants to get the data shared also should have Xender for PC installed. And for mobile users, an APK file should also need to be installed; otherwise, you simply cannot have the data shared.

You need to connect the computer, after getting the app installed on both sides. With Xender for PC, you will not be needed a data cable to share any file.

Now, simply drop the file that you want to get shared on the home screen, after launching it.

The file will start sharing, and the speed of sharing it will impress you entirely. At one time, you can get the file shared with five other devices and computers. It is not very difficult to get the data shared with more than one device.

Features of Xender for PC:

Xender is an application which even works with Android devices. Like, you have no need to wait for hours to get the devices connected, just open the camera and QR code to connect the computer to the phone to get the file shared.

You share files with flashing speed, share your party videos of your friends, and get it shared with a list of friends simultaneously.

  • This application holds no restriction to share any video, audio, or any format, just drop and get the file shared.
  • You have no need to get any internet connection to share any file, and folder, or a USB cable.
  • Send larger and greater files with double speed compare to other data sharing applications.
  • The application supports cross-platform, so have the file shared from Android to the computer and vice versa.
  • It makes you delete the files, move the files or view the files under one folder.
  • Clean and sober interface, with great navigation
  • Backup your files and folders using Xender for PC.
  • Manage your files and folder and get them arranged on your computer and mobile phone

Now, you get all the details of this software, and you can have this software installed on your computer with one click.

The link has already been created; you just get it on your computer, and smoothly install it on your computer. If you get any kind of error, related to this software, please do comment in the comment section.

How to Install Xender for PC:

First of all, you need an Android emulator installed on your PC. After that, you will able to use this Android Application on your PC. I recommend Bluestacks to download it first and install it on your computer.

After the successful installation, you will able to easily find your desired App. Just search “Xender” on the search bar of Bluestacks and find it right away. Double click on it to make the installation and this will allow you to install Xender on PC successfully.

Best Alternative to Xender:

ShareMe of Xiaomi Mi drop is one of the best alternative to this app.