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Xiaomi IMEI repair tool is a powerful program for Qualcomm and chip-set snapdragon devices. You can read and do restore with wipe out the security protocols. The new ADB and root ways will help you out in many Qualcomm phones.

A support team is there for you with having their support area to look into your issues. There you can find out the PDF file format guides and direct message to the team. In the realtime, they will help you out in fixing of different EDL mods.

From the reboot to the normal EDL and on the charging mod make out the connections easily. Unlock Bootloader on several Xioami Redmi phones at EDL mode. You can write QCN and read the IMEI information. Do flashing and fixing a lot of bugs that occur within the phone for any reason.

Shortcut buttons along with the device manager. You can use AT commands to make the connection. On Snapdragon Qualcomm chip-set on different Vivo models. For specific Qualcomm devices, you can get and read all the necessary information. Get backups and factory reset the partitions. Do backup import and export easily and securely.

Qualcomm IMEI Repair Tool

The tool is much easier to use and you do not require that much technical expertise. Just if you have a couple of computer skills you will be able to perform these steps easily.

  • First, you have to download and unzip or extract the Qualcomm IMEI repair tool on your computer.
  • Once the installation is done, go to the tool settings. Login to test it and so on.
  • For Single SIM devices do click on Write IMEI1.
  • For dual Sim, devices click on the Write IMEI2.
  • Select your choice from above one and click on the OK button.
  • Connect your Qualcomm device to the PC to start the repair and writing of the IMEI.
  • Always go with the USB as a com port selection.
  • Enter your required IMEI within the IEMI box by clicking on the Write 1 location.

How To Repair IMEI Of Snapdragon Devices:

You can do change or repair the IMEI on Redmi Snapdragon phone with below simple method.

Step 1 -> Read Preparation Root the device and unlocked bootloader, Install ADB driver and Driver Identifier.

Note your device IMEI number in a separate field. Use notepad or any other writer pad to type and save it.

Download ADB FastBoot Tool and Write Dual IMEI EMMC and extract or unzip them both. Both will in ZIP Or RAR File formats available.

Now connect your phone to PC using data cable

  • Open ADB fastboot tool and RUN commend prompt.
  • To run the commands simply press shift + Right mouse button and click open CMD here.

Put below command lines

adb shell

Give root permission into the device by below CMD.

setprop sys.usb.config diag,adb

After having this command it will Run the DIAG COM Port

Now install Qualcomm COM port drivers from the device manager manually. Or you can install it by any driver pack by scanning and do the auto installation.

Now navigate to the Write Dual IMEI W G EMMC and RUN the EXE file. You can see this below screen.

Xiaomi IMEI Repair Tool

Chose your Com port and copy past or write your device IMEI number In the IMEI slot.

Then click on the start button on the right side. – That’s all.

Restart the device and check your IMEI number by keypad code *#06#.


In the end, we have provided you the working two methods of repair IMEI on the Xiaomi device. So the requirements like a Computer with installed MAC OS or Windows. Then you will have the installation of IMEI repair tools that mention within the post at particular areas. IMEI repair tools that mention within the post in particular areas.