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YGDP tool will now let you flash any of the Android devices. It is tasted on so many Android phones tablets and vice versa. So, If Do you want to flash your mobile phone with the stock firmware? Yes, it becomes at one point crucial to flash. We see with the passage of time our devices start slowing down overall performance. It takes time to load files, playing music and sometimes we see it difficult to understand handling. At that point, when you do not have any idea what is happening with the phone, you need to install a fresh firmware. This fresh firmware will erase the old data from the phone and will make you enjoy the latest operating system files.

But, in some case, the mobile phones which install .cpb firmware files. It is hard to flash them using any tool. I had been checking many tools to flash my .cbp based smartphone but no use. In the end, I got the YGDP tool to get the job done. I am quite happy that now, I can flash my phone, as many times as I want.

What is the YGDP Tool?

In plain English, the YGDP flash tool is a small Windows utility software to help you in flashing the mobile phone with stock firmware. This flashing tool has been specifically designed to address .cpb based firmware, which means if your phone is flashed by the mentioned firmware type, you will have to use this tool.

This flash tool is operated from a Windows computer; you install this simple software on your computer. Connect the mobile phone using a data cable and download the load. CPB based firmware and install without any hiccup. Let’s learn how we can do this following the simplest techniques.

How to flash smartphones using the YGDP tool?

Initially, Download the YGDP Tool from the below link and install it on your computer.

YGDP is the simplest tool to flash a Smartphone, I ever come across with. This tool is designed beautifully, navigation is clean, and the interface is great and descriptive.

User Friendly & Responsive

Connect your computer using a data cable with a mobile phone. If the computer is not installed with the proper MTP driver, get them installed. As, if you are not able to connect the phone to the computer, how will you carry out the flashing job.

How to Install?

If you are not getting how to install the YGDP, follow me.

In the download folder, you see YDGP_Assembly.ext. This is the file you need to install aka setup file. You need to double click on the file and follow the screen commands and install the software.

Password for Installation:

Once you are done with the installation, and YGDP Tool is automatically launched and opened at your computer’s screen. Now, it will ask you to give the login code, put 369 and 9527 the logic code.

  • A new screen will appear; on the left-hand side, you see a Config button.
  • Here you need to upload the firmware that you already have downloaded and saved on your computer.
  • And you have not connected the phone to the computer right.
  • Do not yet connect the phone to the computer.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Connect the phone to the computer now, power off the phone before connecting.
  • The phone should be charged at least 40 or above the percentage of battery.
  • The battery must not drain while carrying this job.

Now, you see the mobile phone is going to flash. Within a second, the phone will be rightly addressed to the flashing process, and you see a glaring phone with new software installed.

Features of YGDP Tool:

The simplest tool to install .cpb firmware type on smartphones. Compatible to all Windows version, will let you install the firmware files with no difficulty. This lets you know the basics information of the phone, hardware info, software info, and others.

Certain Features of Ygdp for Smartphones.
A plan text logo of YGDP tool
YGDP logo Simple Image

YGDP tool will get your flashing job done without paying a single penny.

Priceless ๐Ÿ™‚
  1. Clear navigation
  2. Superb Interface
  3. Free of cost

Your device must have 40 to 50 percent of battery charge. While you start doing the flashing with YGDP tool.

Keep in Mind this Note:

File size 10.2 MBs

Download Link <<< Click here to get YGDP Tool

NameYGDP Tool
File Size10.2 MBs
TypeZip Format
Current Versionv5.0 Latest

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