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The page you are visiting is all about Zapya, key features, installation guides, and how it works on your PC. To download and install Zapya for PC and look at all the key points that are pre necessary to know before install. Furthermore, you can find out all relative and important information about the best file sharing app of the era.

Zapya for PC is consists of two terms Zapya and the second is showing a personal computer as a PC. So here you can use the file sharing app on your Computer likewise on your Android. Now this will work on your desktop Windows or an on your laptop.

Can do file transfers within a minute or this will be less time span. However, most people just like applications on their smartphones and fo search them for PC as well. If you are one of those then, we have brings the original PC version of Zapya for you.

Zapya for PC Key Features:

Before downloading or install check out the brand features in the down coming lines. Switch files among various mediums with just a lighter application right now. To learn more about it in the below lines.

Fastest File Transfer On The Planet:

We have seen that there are so many new file transfer or sharing software available on the market. But Zapya is the foremost and super instant transfer technology of all the time. Faster than any other file-sharing services, Bluetooth, and other ways of sharing data.

The very first-time Zapya is only working for Android devices. After then, the official developers decide to develop the PC version. Then this is the version of Zapya for PC you will find out to free download.

Huge File sharing:

For large size and for bulk file sharing is the most complex and tough job these days. Zapya makes it simple and clear. It will support up to TB of files to share at one click. Or you can do select a thousand so files at once to transfer them to another device.


To share or move files from one device to another device with the same physical and software properties is easy.

Like you can do easily and instant transfer from PC to PC and any mobile phone to mobile. It is not only limited to Android mobile phones, but you can use it on computers, Windows phones, tablets, and other devices.

This X-platform support means, you can transfer data from mobile to Computer and similarly From a Computer to your mobile phone. You can do move files between devices that do not have the same characteristics and has different operating systems installed.

Send and Receive:

At the same time, you can send or receive the data after having the Zapya on your PC. Just install the program and run it on your Windows then start receiving and sending both from it.


Has a very low size and can take not that much weight on your Computer for the installation. It is very portable and small in size that takes less space on the disk.

That’s why its performance is very fast and powerful. The other aspect is its design and backend coding, which is written by a command line with high technological skills.

Support All Type of File:

It is a very unique and appreciated feature if Zapya to utilize. I feel proud to share such a working thing with my users. With the multi-format capacity, you can do share any kind of file and can also do receive any sort of data. These are including, images, videos, documents, music files, and also there from different available formats.

Offline Installer:

offline installer means, to install the file without any internet connection. Yes once you have to download the file then you all are yours and you can do install it without the internet. You can uninstall and then install again in the same way.

How To Install Zapya For PC:

Directly click on the download link below and it will start your file. After the download opens the file and doubles click on it.

Then opens the installation wizard on your Windows by a simple popup. Just select your language and then chose the memory type where you want to save the Zapya files on your computer.


Then click on the Next button, that’s all waist for the installation wizard to finish and install your software once.

After the installation, it will create the desktop shortcut on your home screen. Go to it and tap to open Zoya on PC with no extra steps to follow or other contingencies to perform.

Support 32 Bit & 64 Bit OS:

Like other PC software, Zapya itself creates a software-based program that you can run on any Windows.

If you are using older Windows like 7, or you are using the latest Windows 10. No matter the operating system in 32 bit or 64 bit. This is going to be compatible and supportable on different variants.