Zong Patcher APK (Latest Version) v1.40 for Android


Zong Patcher injector APK file the latest version to unlock All latest Weird Skins on Mobile Legends | Tiktok Viral | Also supports Huawei.
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The gaming industry is growing. This is a fully-automated MLBB gaming Zong Patcher for the Android operating system. It automatically picks the games you play and injects the game with a random assortment of bonuses. You can even set it to choose your favorite game and inject your game with custom rewards and bonuses. Zong Patcher is a new kind of gaming box designed to bring you the best gaming experience possible, whether you’re playing online or offline. Its main goal is to enable players to enjoy their favorite games at anytime, anywhere.

What is Zong Patcher?

Zong Patcher is a powerful mod for MLBB players. Injector-based Mod Pack is a good and well-performing mod, which was made by the developer to add many mods for my craft. Zong Patcher is a great collection of ML skins, gaming effects, and high-resolution drone camera views. You’re paying more for a better phone because you want better features, but you could be disappointed with the extra expense. In comparison to other similar injectors, this ML injector is working exceptionally well. 

Features of Zong Patcher:

Zong Patcher is a powerful mod that gives you the best gaming experience. It is one of the most popular injectors on the market. Here are some of the features of Zong Patcher. So it has so many features that are similar to new box skin injectors for ml users.

Free ML skins

Free ML skins are a huge attraction for gamers. It can inject a player’s nickname into any MLBB game so the player has a uniform experience.


A gaming recall is when a manufacturer discovers a problem with a product. They decide to recall it and notify customers that they should stop using the product and return it for a refund. 

Game Effects

Game Effects allows you to change the appearance of characters in any video game, so you can make your games look exactly as you want.

Drone Views

Drone views are exactly what they sound like. With this feature, you can view the drone footage in the cockpit as well as at any angle you choose.


Emoticons are a huge part of a gamer’s life. Whether you’re a competitive gamer or just having fun with your friends, emotes are what make social media sites fun!


Characters can be added as AI agents in your game. This gives you full control over how the game plays.

Plugin visual effects

This Zong Patcher plugin injects visual effects such as fire, water, ice, and explosions. It adds life to your video game videos.

Customize Options

The best feature of this MLBB gaming injector is its flexibility. You can customize all aspects of it.

Effect Elimination

Effect Elimination stops the game engine from displaying effects from the current player. 

Battle Notification

A notification pops up when a new opponent is added to the matchmaking system. 

Battle Emote

A new battle mode allows you to customize your team, make emote combinations, set your own rules, and much more.

Custom Intro ML

In this section, you can customize every aspect of your intro including the headline, subheadline, bullet points, and copy.

Custom Analog

If you’re using the Analog mode, you can use the digital output to play your music through headphones.

Back-sound MLBB

Back sound MLBB is a patented gaming injector that amplifies the sound of your gaming environment so that you can enjoy high-quality gameplay without ear damage.


The game injector in my opinion is the best device out there on the market right now. It can handle all of your games and has a nice little screen to show how well your settings are. It makes no difference how many mods you have to improve your gaming abilities.

Because games evolve over time, you’ll always need new and updated tools. As a result, earlier tools are no longer useful, and they no longer edit a new game version. Don’t be desperate if you find yourself in this circumstance. Simply download the Zong Patcher APK to gain access to the MLBB premium content.

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