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Here is the latest version fo ZTE PC suite software to free download. The well known ZTE phone software is also named as ZTE file manager or ZTE file transfer. If you have any ZTE model Mobile phone or another tablet device from ZTE based products.

If yes then, you are almost there to find the right PC suit for your device. As the name implies this is a unique and PC side management tool for smartphones. The company tries to improve the user experience better than ever.

Description for ZTE PC Suite:

The developers of the ZTE PC suite are currently making multimedia products as JoinMe for ZTE phones. So join the community and perform different tasks of your choice.

The very expensive key features were going to matter upcoming lines right in this post. So keep reading to the end for complete and necessary information about ZTE management software or Tool.



Help you to manage the entire contacts of your phone. Make calls, edit contact information and sort them by groups and name ETC.


It allows you to read, write, send or receive messages from your PC Windows. So you can easily check them and make changes according to different orders. Draft messages and almost you can find all the messages in your sent box and inbox respectively.


Get a new application for your ZTE phone. Including the Apps and games in APK file format, make installations and enjoy them on your phone.


Check out your favorite data of that phone on your PC and play music in audios or videos. Manage media, all of them including your pictures and other respective data.


Schedule yourself and make events, save them, edit them and check weeks, days and months with years. All this you can do just with a single click.


Make upgradations of your phone software with the ZTE PC suite consequently. However, you can check where you are using the latest version or any old version for the current program.

You can maintain your ZTE phone from your PC directly once you make a bridge connection between your phone and a computer machine.

Support on:

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and the old version Window XP/Vista. Compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

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