Bypass iPhone 6 Passcode Without Siri

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Everyone needs privacy, and everyone looking forward to having their online data protected. If you are a smartphone user, it would be near to die situation. If someone accesses your inbox, gallery, videos, and phonebook. Some people are really nosy, they try their best to put nose into everyone’s matters. They try to get someone’s phone and access private data. This has happened to me and my friends many times, and from the time we started putting passcode.

Now, the device is protected but the problem is, I have to change the passcode every time and again. As I think, someone has seen the passcode and would try to unlock it whenever they get it. This has made me change passcode every week. And now I have reached it to the point where I have to put passcode 2, 3 times before guessing the right one.

Today, I completely forgot what my iPhone 6 passcode was and tried very hard to finally nail it. So, today, I have found myself in another new trouble. Now, I am having totally forgotten the iPhone 6 passcode and had tried every method to unlock the device.

Here is the solution; we got a tested and proven way to unlock or bypass iPhone 6 passcode without Siri. This is simple and easy to go away. What everyone can follow without getting involved in any hiccups.

How to unlock iPhone 6 Passcode without Siri?

I have seen people following and narrating many ways to nail the issue. Some are recommending using the recovery method, while other iTunes method. I have read some blogs where third-party software was used to bypass the passcode. We also have mentioned bypassing iPhone 6 passcode with Siri. I found using Siri is personal preference and many people not to get Siri into solving the issue.

How to Bypass iPhone 6 Passcode Without Siri

I wanted to mention all methods, but though, why not to come up with one full-fledged, tested and used the method. I have found the method and recommend it for all users who are facing the problem. It’s really a pain in the neck, not accessing your phone’s data. As you are addicted to the smartphone and wanted to get everything like the way it had been before.

Bypass iPhone 6 passcode without Siri using iTunes:

If you ever have used your computer, and Sync it with it, iTunes is the simplest method to access your iPhone passcode. You need to have that computer around, without having it nearby, you would not get the passcode unlocked.

Step 1:

Connect your phone using a genuine USB cable. When you do it, iTunes will pop-up. If the iTunes does not open up automatically, you can double-click to open it.

Step 2:

Click on the “device” icon, it is the iPhone shape image, located in the Account tab.

Step 3:

Click on “back up now“, from the back section.

Step 4:

Check the date of the last backup, just to confirm the last backup of your data.

Step 5:

Click on the “Restore button“.

Final step:

Once the process finishes, you would not need any kind of passcode to get into your iPhone.

Alternative method:

If you do not care about the data inside, the recovery method would be the easiest to get into the phone. The recovery method will erase all of your data. After that, you can restore either from iCloud or iTunes.

Bypass iPhone 6 passcode without Siri using the Recovery method:

  • Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer
  • Step 2: Put your phone into recovery mode by following the mentioned steps.
  1. Hold the power and home button simultaneously
  2. Keep the buttons pressing at least 10-seconds
  3. You will see app logo appears on the screen
  4. Hold the home button and let go of the power button.
  • Step 3: Connect the iPhone 6 with a computer. In the same way, iTunes will appear, if not then click on it. Itunes will detect that the phone is in Recovery mode.
  • Step4: A message will appear on the screen. It will ask you to restore the iPhone. Press the button and you see, the passcode has gone.

Final Thought:

This is what we know about how to bypass iPhone 6 passcode without Siri. Try not to change your passcode too often. It can make you freak out every time you unlock the device. Try to follow the aforementioned methods to get rid of the locked phone. If you see none of the method getting your phone unlocked, feel free to pour out your heart in the comment section.