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FRP Hijacker By Hagard

FRP hijacker is a tool for Samsung smartphones to unlock the factory reset protection. When you are just stacked on FRP while you factory reset your Samsung devices. This time you just requires PC software or Tool to resolve the issue. Here we come up with a great answer for you in the form of FRP hijacker by Hagard with a password for PC users. The latest version of FRP hijacker tool is here to free download right away. Also, we have an installation password that will let you begin the installation wizard.

FRP Hijacker by Hagard Review:

FRP hijacker has fully tested with the download mode in 2018 and released afterward.  It is completely safe and free Mobile tool for Samsung users. With the help of download mode (Odin mode), you even don’t require extra software and tricks to tackle the issue. FRP bypass is not that easy and neither it is not so much difficult task. There are simple things to understand do unlock the Factory rest protection within seconds. However, FRP Hijacker tool which is developed by Hagard is making things very easy.


  • It is always free with the easy user-friendly interface.
  • One click FRP unlock.
  • Fix soft bricks.
  • ADB enable and also remove ADB factory reset protections in case.
  • Use phone dialler to remove and bypass the Google account on your particular device. This is called the phone dialer method to bypass FRP.
  • Working for all Windows operating systems.
  • Support on all Samsung models, Including the Android and Samsung tabs.
  • Additionally, you can fix different errors and bug on your device software.

You must have installed the Microsoft net framework, usually it is already there on your Computer. If you are using Windows of lower version type, then you have to install it manually. Otherwise, in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 have installed net framework itself. So you don’t worry about that when using the latest versions of windows.

How to Install FRP hijacker on PC:

When you download the FRP Hijacker tool from our website and wants to now install on PC. Just one thing you have to notice here. The file is password protected and you need that password to unlock it before run the installation process.

Follow below steps carefully for successful install:

Click on the FRP hijacker by Hagard v1.0 EXE.

Click next.

Write the working password in the password field. the password is (Not include any space). Just type or copy past in the box.

Now click next and your installation begins.

It takes just a minute or less.

After its install, just click on finish button it automatically creates a desktop shortcut on your desktop screen.

Double click on it to launch.

It is ready to use now.

That’s all, have a good day bobs.

Download FRP Hijacker tool by Hagard setup for all Samsung devices.

Password =

All characters are small and use this password without any space. Also, you can copy it from here and past whileyou installl the tool on your Computer.

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