Thoptv For PC Windows Free Download [Updated]

ThopTV is one of the most successful online TV application for Android. We have also discussed on it. But today, I am here to brings you this ThopTV for PC Windows. If you are using a desktop computer and want to run the THOPTV there. Then it might be very challenging for you. After we have this post, you have to not worry about the installation and a downloadable file. There were both files for 32 bit and 64 bit.EXE files available all the time at the post you are reading.

This program is free and safe to install on firestick, Smartphone and on PC. No matters what the PC Computer you are using. You might have a desktop computer or a Laptop device. This would work and gives you a very smooth experience.

Key Feature of ThopTV for PC:

  1. Watch and stream Live TV and movies of your choice
  2. Unlimited free Movies
  3. Get the latest Movies at your PC
  4. Support most of the Indian Television channels
  5. You have a wide list of TV channels from Inda and also from the global world.
  6. I can check the application information from the App info option.
  7. Create your profile

What Do You Get?

  • Live TV Channels (From all around the world and 500 + Indian)
  • 35,000 plus International Channels
  • If any wants to watch the video of a specific category, then demand the Video to the officials. They will soon upload your favorite and willing to watch videos on VODs.
  • Featured, Are your favorites, you can search your keyword and live sports.


  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Dramas
  • Serials
  • TV Shows
  • Music
  • Movies
  • & More
  • Web Series
  • Radio

With a free video player which is built-in, however, you are using ThopTV for PC.
All the aspects are free of cost
The very same way you can use ThopTV on your Android and at the same on your PC.

The Top list of features To Access with THOP TV are as Abbove

Easy to download from below download links and run the setup EXE files for instant installation.

How to Install THOPTV ON Windows:

Thoptv Installtion

Wait for it while installing the program on your Windows. Afterward, you can complete the setup once click finish and here you go.

Setup is completing
Finish the Install

Support Multi Operating Systems:

Chose your operating system wisely and get the exact file for your system. If you have installed Windows 32/64 bit OS then download them respectively. Afterward, easily launch the file and run the setup wizard of THOPTV for PC.

Download ThopTV for PC:

The file size is 48 MBS

File formats for both are .exe files. Version v28.0.0 Latest currently.

Download Windows_THOPTV_v28_64bit
The file size is 47.7 MBs

ThopTV for Android:


File Type if APK file format from below

Get the Android version of THOP TV APP Here

What’s New?

Now available for Linux and MAC operating systems. You can check out for sure, your own OS version for free of cost.

Also, a portable version is right here, which you do not have to install the software. Just download it and can run it directly without any prior installation. That is what Thoptv releases the portable version in action.


What is ThopTV?

ThopTV is a software that will allow you to watch and stream TV channels online. You can access any sort of visual content of your choice. And also browse the live telecast for thousands of television stuff. Sports and all the national or international channels available.

Is ThopTV Available for PC?

Yes of course after the Android application, no it is available for PC. Check the above download links that are working for PC Windows. Install on your computer and enjoy it.

Is ThopTV legal?

Yes, now adays it is legal and safe to use as well. For some technical reasons it is not avilable on google store but you can download from here easily.

T H O P TV Stands for?

The Hub Of Premium and TV stands for Television. To sum up, we can say it the Hub of Premium Television.

How Do I Run ThopTV?

To run Thopt to on your Computer, you just download your 32 and 64-bit version on your Computer. Then run the setup installer wizard and once complete the install. Enjoy using its features on the go.

We are not the owner of this app, For the most part those who give copyright, this messages is mainly for them. We only presuming the app for educational and entertainment purposes. If you have any complication you can mail me in person.


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